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If you love playingสล็อตเว็บตรง new games every day then you will love this website. This is an article on the website where new games are updated daily and you can play any of the games. Read the complete article to know more.


If you are a new player and want to register on the website, then you will have to visit the homepage and click on the register button. A form will be displayed and you are required to fill it. Note that you should be above 18 years to get registered on the website.

You should also have a bank account. This is required for all future transactions that will be done through the gaming website. After you fill in the details in the given spaces, you can then submit the form.


 You can now log in to the สล็อตเว็บตรง website using your credentials. You can also reset your password if you haven’t previously saved it in the browser. Click on the forget password option and enter your username. A link will be sent to your email id.

Visit your email and check in the spams folder if not found. You can now click on the reset link and reset your password. Again get back to the homepage and try logging in using the reset password and email id.


DashBoard act similar to a navigation bar of a website. You will be able to navigate to the various sections of the website using the dashboard. It contains all the direct links to the sections of the website.

You can explore the trending games by navigating to the trending section through the dashboard. You can also visit the transactions section. The transactions are of two types in the gaming website. You can either deposit or withdraw cash.

Deposit Cash

Depositing cash is easy on the สล็อตเว็บตรงgaming website. Visit the dashboard and click on the transactions. Select the deposit option. A new tab will be displayed. You will have to enter the amount you wish to deposit in the gaming wallet.

A one-time password will be sent to your registered mobile number. You will have to enter that and can complete the transaction. It takes a few minutes to get debited in weak network conditions.

Withdraw Cash

Withdrawing cash is similar to the depositing cash process. You won’t be charged anything extra for carrying out your transactions through the website. You can deposit as much as you want but can’t withdraw. Note that the amount you enter to withdraw should always be less than what is present in the gaming wallet.

If the entered amount is higher than the one present in the wallet, the transaction will be automatically canceled and you might have to bear the transaction failing fee at worst.


As we have come to the end of this article, let us summarize what we have read in the article. We have read about the depositing and withdrawing cash สล็อตเว็บตรงprocess.

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