Find science behind gambling addiction

At the initial level, gambling seems to be an interesting activity but then fatal for many people, who are addicted to gambling. In fact, most of the world’s population is influenced by gambling addiction. In America, gambling addiction is found in American Caucasians. About 2.5 million reported suffering from compulsive gambling and 15 million tend to be a troubled gambler in the coming years.

What happens in gambling addiction?

Gamblers who are addicted to a number of psychological, physical, financial and social dilemmas. Narcotics alcohol problems and abuse are also associated with the majority of gambling addicts. Another problem related to gambling addiction is a mood disorder, depression and anti-social personality disorder.

Gambling addiction is very closely related to certain medical conditions called compulsive or pathological gambling. In compulsive gambling, an increase in uncontrolled custody from addicts occurred with gambling, despite the negative effects involved. To continue their addiction, they also use like cheating, lying down and even stealing.

The study revealed that the failure of the gambler was often considered by them as “near victory.” This is due to increased and incorrect activation in their brain cortex areas, which are often related to handling gifts. The gamblers cannot understand that their mistakes are the same and will generate losses.

According to Luke Clark, research researchers and experts at the University of Cambridge, the same system is targeted by gambling because of drug addiction, which is a dopamine system in the brain. In gambling, dopamine neurotransmitters are released during the “Near Miss” instance.

The main causes of gambling addiction

In women, this addiction was developed as a consequence of the desire to escape from unhappy situations such as damaged relationships or marriage and work frustration or poor mental health such as depression, loneliness, anxiety or despair. It usually affects women around 45 years old and they bet in places where heavy skills or experiences are not needed such as slot machines.

In men, this addiction was developed because of the low self-esteem or insecurity. Usually affects men around 35 years old and they choose competitive desk games. Instead of increasing their feelings, it often leads them to debt problems, financial losses and damaged relationships.

Treatment of gambling addiction

Similar to the drug rehabilitation center, professional assistance treatments are given to gamblers who are addicted in terms of psychotherapy and drugs. In treating this addiction, drugs such as anti-depressants are commonly used. In psychotherapy, useful use techniques where games are asked to interpret “near misses” in an accurate way. Considering factors such as addictive age, the severity of the problem and more, care is given to gamblers such as group activities and support and therapy that deal with cognitive behavior.

Gambling addiction often intervenes in the field of psychological, physical, social and vocational life. Gambling addiction can be very devastated because it is not only an addict but also for his family. The only way in which loved ones can be protected from addiction is to make them aware of facts about addiction.

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